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Brags from 2012

Brags from December 2012 Newsletter


We traveled to Harrisburg 11/10-11 for T'NT's UKC Agility trials and Quincy had a pretty good weekend.  Of eight runs, we had five Q's that were all placements (three firsts, one third, and one second) and included two clean runs of 200.  Most of the scores were high enuf for points - so we     now have 26 points towards his UKC Agility Championship (not bad for his first "points runs weekend").  

AND...Quincy's UKC Agility roll continues.  We traveled to Harrisburg for OTCH's UKC Agility trials.  In eight runs he had seven Q's (we will not even talk about the NQ one where he ran like a bat out of hell) that included:  six 200's; with four first places, two second places, and one third place.  But more importantly that wrangled many more UACH points and he now has a total of 86 and counting !  We need twenty more points from the II level classes (harder) and we're keeping our paws crossed.  Cathy Artis and an exhausted Quincy.


Rita & Wayne Slepcevich are thrilled to announce that…At the B & D Creekside agility trial in Latrobe PA on November 18th, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ, MJB, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F, CGC, TDI “Hannah”, earned the final Standard leg needed to finish her CPE Agility Trial Championship.  At 10 1/2 years of age, she will now become a Specialist, and will start working on her Specialist C-ATCH.   

AND...At the same trial, C-ATCH Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N “Addisyn”, earned 2 Full House, 2 Snooker, a Colors, a Standard, a Wildcard, and a Jumpers leg.

AND...At the Splash and Dash agility trial on December 8th and 9th at B & D Creekside in Latrobe PA, C-ATCH Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N “Addisyn”, had her 5th Perfect Weekend, qualifying in all 10 runs, and earning a Full House, 3 Standard, 2 Colors, a Jumpers, a Jackpot, a Wildcard and a Snooker leg.

AND...at the same trial, C-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ, MJB, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI “Hannah”, earned a Full House, 2 Colors, a Jumpers,  a Jackpot and a Wildcard leg.  


Lynn Uram tells us that...Last weekend, Tequila "rocked it" in the conformation ring.  This weekend (November 17th & 18th), he "rocked it" in the agility ring and finished his Open Standard title.  Now, he's in Excellent A for both Jumpers and Standard, so we won't have any more ring conflicts at two ring trials.  Color me happy!  

AND...Tequila is definitely on a roll!!  He finished his Excellent Jumpers title (AXJ) at the Tamarack Agility Trial on November 25th with a first place run.  That was a great way to end our holiday weekend!  I'm very excited that he can start earning MACH points now on his future JWW runs. 


Terri Poirier reports having a great weekend at the Gateway Agility Club trial.  Trevor was 6 for 6 with 3 more QQs. He now has 732 PACH points and 18 QQ on his way to his PACH and PAX.  We had not done this in a long time. If I would only shut up and not clap in the weaves we would have numerous other QQs.  This is our last trial  for 2012 until Feb.


Diane Ambrose is very excited to report that CH Damingo Lock And Load, NA, OAJ, finished his Excellent Jumpers title for his AXJ at the Youngstown ABTC Trial in Washingtonville. Those of you who run Agility with me and Locke know that this final leg was a long time coming! Locke and I learned Agility together (thanks to Mary and Elaine!) and I couldn't ask for a more patient, sweet partner. No matter how many times I got lost on a course or forgot what I should do next, Locke always waited for me and he never wanted to make a mistake. There were many runs that we missed qualifying by one or two seconds. Joanna sent one of her beautifully made Christmas trees with a sheltie angel on top to the trial for me. I like to think that the angel was Locke's Dad, Pistol, cheering him on!! To make this title even better, the love of his life, Marlana Tice, earned a leg with Locke at the same trial a year ago!  The other two members of the South Hills Damingo family also had a great weekend at the YABTC Trial. Locke's brother, Chase (Damingo Pedal To The Metal, CD,RN,MX,MXJ), earned QQ Number 12 toward his MACH running with Mary and Elaine. Half-sister, Brandy (Brownlee Just A Sip At Damingo, BN,NAJ), earned her second leg in Open JWW.  And this past weekend at the Clarion Canine Obedience Club Trial, Chase earned Double Q 13. We are going to be celebrating for a long time!!



Carol DeMoss tells us that...On Saturday at Edinboro agility show, Cinders earned a first place in Novice Agility and her NA title.  With this title, she meets the qualifications for Ch + VCX. She is now Ch Imperial Cinderella Story, CD, RA, HT, PT, NA, VCX + Ch. Thanks to Walt Robinson for that last leg and to Darla Annonio for her second leg.


Debbie Miller-Gurchak reports that...Hollybush's It's About Thyme PT CD NAJ OA (9 pts.) accomplished the requirements for the breed Versatility Title.  Heather ran a  56.79 second course giving her second place in open standard under judge Lisa Demsey at the Mountaineer Kennel Club Trial.  Earlier that day she got first place in her open jww running time of 41.75 seconds under judge Barbara Bounds.  We are so proud of Heather and her work ethic.  We are so thankful for our friends that have helped her to reach her accomplishments.  Heather and her littermates accolades gave us our Breeder of Merit Award in May.



Brags from November 2012 Newsletter


Rita & Wayne Slepcevich are thrilled to announce that…On November 4th at the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center’s CPE agility trial, Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F, JS-N, GS-N “Addisyn” earned her 112th qualifying score to finish her CPE Agility Championship.  On top of that, she had her 4th “Perfect Weekend”, qualifying in all 10 runs.  This is the first C-ATCH earned by any dog in the club.  Addisyn earned a Full House, 2 Wildcard, 2 Jumpers, a Colors, a Snooker, 2 Standard, and a Jackpot leg.  As promised, her dinner was steak and ice cream. 

AND...at the same trial, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F, CGC, TDI “Hannah”, who was only competing in Standard and Full House to get those final legs for her championship, earned a Full House and 2 Standard legs.  Hannah needs only two Standard legs to finish.


Quincy has been doing a lot of running around in CPE Agility lately with some good results.  We went to the Furs-A-Flyin trials 10/13-14 in W Va.  There he qualified legs in FH/lev 3 with a first place (to complete his CL3-F title), and WC/lev 4 with a first place.  This weekend we went to the Washingtonville trials.  There he qualified with legs in C/lev 4  and J/lev 4, both with third places; and in Std/lev 4 and WC/lev 4, both with second places.  (We regret we had to miss our last run to make it home for a Freestyle Dance rehersal, because we missed his sister Addie's huge win - GO ADDIE !!!)  Cathy Artis.



Merlyn’s Strait To Our Heart BN, CDX, NA, NAJ, NAP, OJP, CGC, TDI (Hart) earned his RAE at the end of September.  He earned his last two legs with a third, second and two first places.  He also earned High Combined from Rally Excellent B and Rally Advanced B.  His scores were 92, 97 and 99.  Hart is proudly owned by Ron and Linda Moore.



Diane Ambrose and Joanna Fortson are happy to report that...Brownlee Just A Sip At Damingo, NAJ (Brandy), earned her Beginner Novice title in three tries.  She qualified at the Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club with scores of 193, Fourth Place and 193 1/2, Third Place and finished her title at the Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club with a score of 196 1/2 and Second Place.



Kaskade Dunade Irish Tenor, HT PT NF was WD at Mad River Kennel Club on Oct 14th. He now has 12 points and needs one major to finish. He is owned by Carol DeMoss and Elizabeth Wade.


Elaine Kelvington tells us that...We had an exciting time at the Cumberland MD shows:  Suri was Winners Bitch for her first point and Saintonio was reserve Winner's Dog on Friday.  Samara was Best of Opposite Sex on Friday and Sunday and Select Bitch on Saturday for 7 more points and 2 majors towards her Grand Championship.  That gives her 18 points, 2 wins over other champions & 2 majors.  


Maureen Spitznogle tells us that…It has been, easily, the "best ever" couple of months here at Anistar.  After a hiatus of almost two years and major spinal surgery this spring, Lindsay is finally able to show our dogs again.  In her first return to the ring and at miserable, muddy Ebensburg Lindsay showed Ch Dora - Merlyn Anistar Adoration -  to Select Bitch and her first major toward her Grand Championship.  Mom was more than a little nervous watching her in that muddy, slippery ring....  Next, in Lancaster Ohio at the Licking River Kennel Club show on September 16, Anistar Bobby McGee - "Bobby", a Noah x Dora son, was Winners Dog for his first point under Meredith Johnson-Snyder.  In Aliquippa on October 6 at the Fort Steuben Kennel Club show Merlyn's Anistar Unscripted - "Kobe", another Dora son and owned by Rusty and Earl Cromer was Best of Breed and Group IV under judge Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna in their first time out after finishing Kobe's Championship.  Finally, Anistar Vince Lombardi - "Heath" was Winners Dog from the Bred By class at the Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club show in Cumberland Maryland under Judge Arley Hussin on October 20.  There were many times when I really didn't know if Lindsay would be showing dogs again.  I realize how insignificant winning is now, but it sure is great icing on the cake !!


Anne Trosky reports from her happy cloud..."Dare to dream and then watch what happens" is a quote that I placed on page 3 of Gabe's Brag Book.  On October 21, 2012, my dream came true when "Gabriel", became CH CastleGate's Angel In Disguise CGC after going WD/BOW for a 3 point major under judge Sonny Ambrosio at The Fall Mountain Classic in Cumberland, MD.  That is a day I will never forget...my first  Breed Champion!!!  Gabe is the third Champion for his dam, Shamont Most Unusual Day, "Daily" owned by Lynn and Tom Uram, and the seventh Champion for his sire, CH PaRay's Make a Splash, "Rainy", owned by Tray Pittman.  Over the past two months, Gabe had some fantastic wins under breeder judges Nan Bodine, Guy Jeavons, Linda More, and also judge David Anthony. Many Thanks to all of them!  Gabe was beautifully presented to every win by handler extraordinaire Katie Grohowalski. Katie...not only are you a talented and poised handler, but also, a bright, beautiful, gracious and amazing  young woman.  I am so grateful to you for the hard work that you do and helping to make my dream come true!!  Thank you to Gabe's favorite Auntie Julie Iverson for always lending a helping hand and showing Gabe when needed.  And...Thank you to Grandma Lynn Uram who has always believed in Gabe as much as me. It has been quite a journey and it was exciting and memorable to share it with you and Tom.  And...Thank you to Rusty Cromer, Linda Sundberg, Debbie Hull, Barb Westerman, Cindy Grohowalski, Lindsay and Maureen Spitznogle, Diane Troese and BethAnn Davis for your constant support and cheering us on!!  And...Thank you to everyone for letting me brag!  Dream and never stop believing!!!


Lynn Uram tells us that...Tequila (CastleGate's White Lightning NA OAJ CGC) was WD for a three-point specialty major under Carolyn Ing at the CNYSSC Specialty in Syracuse, NY on November 10th.   Tequila's Grandma Julie (Iverson) showed him to this exciting win.  The following day, Julie and Tequila won a four-point specialty major in Syracuse under Kim Schive!!  Tequila now has 12 points/both majors, and we're hopeful that he'll become our second homebred CH VCX sometime next year!   Tom and I are so grateful to Julie for bringing out the best in our baby boy!!  They are an awesome team.




Imperial Kaskade Orion's Nitesky, HT, PT, HSAds NJWW, OF (Torree) had a great herding weekend in Nova Ohio. Oct 13 and 14th.  She qualified both runs and earned two more herding legs toward her Master Herding Title. On Saturday she was 1st in her class, RHIT (Reserve High in Trial) and High Scoring Sheltie in Trial. On Sunday she was 1st in her class and HIT (High in Trial) and High Scoring Sheltie in Trial.  Torree is owned by Mary Lou Williamson and Carol DeMoss.


Brags from July/August 2012 Newsletter


Elaine Kelvington reports that…Samara, aka Kelvington's Divine Design was Winner's bitch from the

Bred By Exhibitor class today (June 24th) for her second major!!! That gives her 12 points all breeder,

owner handled and all from the Bred by class. What a wonderful 40th wedding anniversary present!

AND…Friday the 13th turned out to be a very lucky day at the Grand River, Madison, OH dog show.

We are so happy to announce that Samara aka Kelvington's Divine Design was Winner's Bitch, BOW

and Best of Breed over the 2 specials today!!!! Such exciting news! That gives her another 2 points.

All of her points were awarded from the Bred by Exhibitor class. We need one more point to finish her

championship. Her half brother, Saintonio was reserve Winner's dog (his first reserve). And to make it

even more special, Dave drove me to the show this morning and was there to see the win! Samara is

out of CH Whiteoak's Dealer's Choice II (Brett) and CH Kelvington's Elec Tri Fying (Sony).

AND...Thursday (Aug. 2) at Canfield, (Fort Stueben Kennel Club Show) Saintonio, aka Kelvington's

Tried 'N True was Winner's Dog for his very first point. And Samara aka Kelvington's Divine Design

was Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex to finish her championship! All of Samara's

points have been from the Bred by Exhibitor Bitch Class and have all been breeder, owner handled.

What an exciting day! That gives Sony, their dam, three champions to date and 3 with minor points.


Rusty Cromer and Debbie Hull tell us that although the written announcement may be a tad late they

are still celebrating having a new champion, Masterpiece Allegria (Am/Can Ch. Belmark Lo And Behold,

ROM/ROMC x BISS Ch. Armitage Avalon). Ria completed her title on June 2nd which includes winning

three majors, a 4 pt. and two 3 pts., one of which was a specialty major. Ria was bred by fellow club

members, Kim and Lindsay Furlong. She is their first homebred champion to carry the "Masterpiece"

name. We congratulate them on this achievement and express our utmost gratitude for allowing us to

own Ria. Special thanks goes to Julie Desy for her beautiful presentation of Ria.


Lindsay and Maureen Spitznogle are thrilled to announce that Merlyn Anistar Adoration "Dora" was

Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners at the Chambersburg Area Kennel Club show on August 19 under

Judge Patti Widick Neale and on Sunday at the Nita Nee Kennel Club show, Judge Beverly Capstick

chose Dora as her Winner's Bitch for her first major! Dora was shown to both her wins by Katie

Grohowalski and was bred by Rusty Cromer and Debbie Hull. "Avis" as she is known around here was

sorely missed by her BFF Gary who was in bed with pneumonia while his girl was out collecting

ribbons. He may never let her forget that.......


Lynn Uram tells us that...After finishing her Am GCH in June, Bliss was still in nice coat, so she

headed to Canada to pursue her Canadian Championship with Rachel Pratt. On 7-27-12, Bliss became

a Canadian CH---just one week after she and Rachel entered the ring together for the first time! The

day after Bliss finished her championship, she was shown for the first time as a Canadian special, and

she won BOB and a Group 4 to end her Canadian sojourn on a high note! We are very grateful to

Rachel for presenting Bliss so beautifully in the ring.


Barb Westerman reports that...How does it go? When life gives you lemons? Make Lemonade?

Well... It wasn't really lemons, but I was really looking forward to taking "Windi" (Karefree Gypsy Wind

NA NAJ) to the N. Olmsted agility trials this weekend and then she came in season early ruining my

plans. On Friday, I came up with this idea of getting a UKC temporary number for "Sera" (Gypsys Bella

Sera) and entering day of show. I'm still learning all the particulars of showing in UKC, but Sera

REALLY poured on the charm and during the two shows we entered, we ended up with 50 Champion

Points, two 2 competition wins and two Group 2's! But best of all, the two of us had a lot of fun.



Sandy Irish tells us that…Sammy, Irish Heir of Aragorn, gave me a nice surprise right after this 2nd

birthday by earning his NJP title at the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Pittsburgh's Cheswick trial on

July 22. He earned two first places and a second place for the weekend. Since there were zero

qualifiers in all of Novice Standard for the second day, we will wait until a future trial for that one last leg.

Sammy is the son of Roadsho Irish Gael Winds MX, MXJ (Gaelyn) and Am/Can. Ch. Dury Voe

Scottsdale (Scotty). Not to be outdone, Mom Gaelyn also qualified in both Ex. Standard and Ex. JWW

for 19 more MACH points.


Nancy Jaquette reports that…Ruby (Suntera Lady in Red) and her friend, Elaine Mayowski, are now

3 for 3. They added a second place JWW (novice preferred) from the Sheltie Agility Trail to the first and

second place ribbons in rally that they collected at the Sheltie Specialty. I’d still say that agility is not a

passion for Ruby, but Ruby seems to be a girl who knows when the spotlight is on her – and she likes

it. Ruby considers all other performances optional - except TDI with kids. Ruby gets lots of practice

playing with the four kids who live next door. Ruby, Griffin (who sometimes joins us even though his

"assignment" is Mercy Hospital) and I were invited to a presentation on pet therapy recently done for

clinical staff at The Bradley Center, a residential treatment center for children located in Robinson

Township. Ruby was recognized the first TDI dog to ever visit there. Her photo and Griffin’s and some

of the kids next door were in the PowerPoint. Two staff now bring their own dogs to visit as well.


Lynn Uram tells us that...On 7-29-12, Zelda finished her MACH4 at the Tamarack Kennel Club's

outdoor agility trial in Lake Conneaut, PA. As icing on the cake, Zelda Q'ed on five of her seven runs

that weekend and placed on every run on which she Q'ed. Finishing a MACH at that trial was no small

feat! During the three days we were at that trial, we had ten bouts of torrential rain, thunder, lightning,

and two tornado warnings!

AND...Tequila (CastleGate's White Lightning CGC) had a blast at his second agility trial. He earned two

Novice Jumpers legs and one Novice Standard leg at the Golden Retriever Agility Trial in Cheswick, PA

in July. Two of his qualifying legs were first placements and the other one was a second placement.

He's not entered again until mid-August, but I'm already looking forward to running him again. He likes

himself a lot, and that makes him tons of fun to run!! <G>

AND...On August 10th at the Cleveland All Breed Training Club's agility trial in North Olmsted, OH,

Zelda earned her 15th T2B qualifying leg and that finished her Time 2 Beat title.


Diane Ambrose is happy to report that the South Hills branch of the Damingo family is having a great

summer. CH Damingo Lock And Load, OAJ, (Locke) finished his Novice Agility Standard title at the

Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club Trial. At the same trial, Locke's brother, Chase, Damingo

Pedal To The Metal, MX, MXJ, XF, qualified for number five toward his Master Excellent Fast title and

then completed his Companion Dog title handled by Mary Martin at the Beaver County Kennel Club

show! Half sister, Brandy, Brownlee Just A Sip At Damingo, NAJ, picked up two additional First Place

ribbons at the GPGRC Trial to go with her Novice Agility Jumpers title.


Rita & Wayne Slepcevich report that that…At the Splash and Dash CPE Agility Trial at B&D

Creekside on August 8 and 9, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ, OAP,


"Hannah", is whittling down those final legs needed for her CPE Agility Championship, and earned a

Level 5 Jackpot, Full House and Standard leg.

AND...at the same trial, Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F, JS-N,

GS-N "Addisyn", earned a Level 5 Colors, and a Jumpers, a Full House, a Standard, a Jackpot, a

Wildcard and 2 Snooker legs, and is close on Hannah’s heels for finishing her own CPE Agility



Brags from June 2012 Newsletter

On May 16, 2012 Deborah Miller-Gurchak of Hollybush Shelties was recognized by the American

Kennel Club as a "Breeder of Merit". All four dogs required for this award came from one litter born July

28, 2006. All titles were earned from performance events. The sire of the litter was Am./Can. Ch.

Kelbren Blue Flame CD RN NAJ AJP CGC CTL1-S CTL1-F and the dam is Shamont's Let's Talk About

Me. Thanks and appreciation to all who made this possible.



Rita & Wayne Slepcevich report that…At the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center CPE Agility Trial on

May 19 & 20, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J,

NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned a

Level 5 Jackpot leg and 3 Standard legs.

AND...at the same trial, Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F, JS-N,

GS-N "Addisyn", had a Perfect Weekend, qualifying in 8 out of 8 runs and earning 3 Level 5 Standard, 2

Snooker, a Jackpot, Full House and a Wildcard leg.

AND...at the B & D Creekside CPE Agility Trial on June 2 & 3, Hannah earned a level 5 Jackpot leg and

completed the requirements for Level 5 Jackpot. Hannah is down to just needing Standard and Full

House legs.

AND...at the same trial, Addisyn earned 2 Level 5 Standard, a Full House, Colors, Wildcard and a

Snooker leg, and completed the requirements for Level 5 Snooker.


Elaine Kelvington tells us that...Today (May 20) Sawyer qualified in standard agility at the WCOTC

trial in Latrobe. He got 6 mach points. His jww runs this weekend were beautiful, but 2 seconds

overtime. So close.


Lynn Uram reports that...Geraldo earned his MACH4 on June 3rd at the Cuyahoga Valley Golden

Retriever Club's agility trial in North Olmsted, OH. He's now officially known as MACH4 Monkey

Boy!! <G>

AND...Zelda (MACH3 CastleGate's Mercy Me XF) was not going to be outdone by her brother. She

QQ'ed on both Saturday and Sunday, and she's rapidly closing in on her MACH4 too!



Julie Iverson tells us that...Christy (Calvin's mom) finished her CD at the Laurel Highlands Kennel

Association 5/26/12 with a third place. This completed her requirements for her Ch VCX. She is

now Am/Can Ch Homespun Allspice Silverlicious NAJ PT CD VCX!. This makes 3 generations of Ch

VCX's here at Homespun.


Brags from May 2012 Newsletter


Elaine Kelvington tells us that...Sawyer and I earned our 6th QQ and 13 mach points Friday, April

20th, at Parkersburg Obedience Training Club agility trial. The courses were tough so it was even

more exciting to qualify. Saturday, Sawyer must have heard that the photographer was taking his

picture. He was very creative doing the standard course. He did all of the difficult areas with ease, but

made up other things for the easier parts of the course. We did qualify in the jwws course. We had

fun. We also took Solomon along for the ride. He thinks agility is great. Where else do treats fall from

heaven into his crate?


We competed in the B&D CPE Agility trials last weekend in Latrobe. Quincy Q'd in Colors/3 twice,

STD/4, Wild Card/3, all with clean runs and all with second places. That completed his CL3-H title

(Handler level 3). [We won't talk about the NQ runs or the fact that Mom's gimpy knee can't go fast enuf

to beat the first place dogs.] It was still all-in-all a good weekend. And we owe a lot of that to

encouragement from Nancy after Saturday didn't go so well. Cathy Artis

Rita & Wayne Slepcevich report that…At the B & D Creekside Activity Center CPE Agility trial in

Latrobe on March 21 & 22, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ, OAP,


"Hannah", earned a Level 5 Full House leg and a Level 5 Standard leg. Hannah has completed all the

requirements of 4 of the 7 Level 5 classes, and only needs to compete in Full House, Standard &


AND...at the same trial, Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F, JS-N,

GS-N "Addisyn", earned a Level 5 Full House, 2 Standard, 2 Colors, a Jackpot, a Snooker, and a

Wildcard leg.


Peter & Peggy Grandillo Sr. competed with Molly at the B&D Creekside Activity Center in a TDAA

agility trial in Latrobe, PA on March 24th and 25th. While we were so elated about Molly earning her

TAM & TACH Champion titles, that we forgot to mention that Molly also earned her TMAG2 title. What

an awesome weekend, a TAM, TMAG2 and TACH all in one weekend.

AND…Peter & Peggy Grandillo Sr. also competed with Molly at the B&D Creekside Activity Center in a

TDAA agility trial in Latrobe, PA on May 6th. Molly had 4 runs. She qualified with a 3rd place finish in

games "In and Out". Molly continued to qualify twice in Standard with a 3rd place finish in one of the

runs. We are so proud of our little girl "Molly".



At the West Virginia shows in Lewisburg, Kipp was WD Thursday and Friday. This gave him his

championship and he is now Ch Kaskade's Rip N Skip, HT. He was handled by his owner, Lynne King

for both shows with his proud breeder and co-owner Carol DeMoss present. On Saturday he was

shown as a Special and was Select Dog. At the same shows, Devan, Kaskade Dunade's Irish Tenor,

PT was WD on Saturday and Sunday. He now has 6 points. Kipp is the first champion for his sire,

Calvin and the second for his dam, Torree.



Elaine Kelvington tells us that...Sunday, April 22, Solomon and I were entered at the Clarion

Obedience trial in beginner novice. We qualified and got a 191 1/2 score. Since I don't do obedience

very often, it was nerve-wracking. I was very happy that we qualified.

AND...I am very happy to report that Solomon got his second Beginners Novice leg today (April 28) at

the Butler Dog Training Association Obedience Trial with a score of 196 1/2 and a 2nd place ribbon as

well! Needless to say, I was very proud of him. And he was probably relieved that I didn't mess him

up today! The ride home seemed much shorter!


Brags from April 2012 Newsletter



The Robertson branch of the Kaskade family had a very successful 1st quarter of 2012.  Tia Maria completed a Teacup Games I (TG1) Title in January along with a Teacup Beginner Agile Dog (TBAD) in February.  Tia then followed with her AKC Novice Agility Standard Title at the WCOTC trials at the B&D Center in February where she also picked up her 2nd leg in Fast.  At the same WCOTC trials in February, Ziva started her AKC career with a Q in Fast followed by a Q in JWW the next day.   The fun continued at the ASSA trials in Kissimmee Florida where Ziva completed her Pre-Trial Herding Title in two days of completion (Many thanks to Handler – Darla Annonia).  Macey Mae followed with a leg to complete her Rally Novice Title.  Ziva also got her 1st leg in Rally Novice.




We traveled to Harrisburg this weekend for the UKC Rally trials.  And Quincy was on a roll.  He had eight runs, six Q's with a second and a third place.  His scores were high enuf to earn him 24 more points to bring his total to 40 towards his Rally Championship !  And all this in time for his fourth birthday coming up this weekend.  Cathy Artis and crew.




Prior to attending the nationals, Terri Poirier is pleased to report that Trevor finished his Master Agility Preferred (MXP) at the Gateway Agility Club.


Pete & Peggy Grandillo Sr. (as well as the entire Grandillo family) are elated over Suntera Molly Grandillo’s accomplishment of earning her Teacup Agility Champion Title (TACH) at the TDAA Agility Trial at B&D Creekside Center in Latrobe, PA over the weekend of March 24th & 25th, 2012.  Also, Molly earned her Teacup Master Agility (TAM) title on the same run.  We would really like to thank all the very nice & friendly people who gave their advice, hope, and warm wishes during the TACH title journey.  


Darla and Kyle Annonio want to brag about Sir Kobington of Annonio (Kobie) RN, NA, NAJ, NF, OA, OAJ, AXJ, NAP, NFP, OAJP, AXJP earned his TSAD and TMAG 3 titles for TDAA at B & D at Creekside on March 24, 2012. Not bad for a 13 year old dog!

AND...Kaskade Kassandra of Annonio (Kassie) NA OAJ, NAP, NJP, NF, NFP, RN PT earned her TMAG 2 title for TDAA at B & D at Creekside on Sunday March 25, 2012.   




Lynn Uram reports that…CastleGate's Seventh Heaven (Bliss) finished her breed championship on April 7, 2012 by winning a three point major under Linda Robey.  She is our first bitch champion, and we are "blissfully" happy!  <G>  Bliss is the second champion for her dam (Daily), and the second champion for her sire (CH PaRay's Make A Splash).  Judy Stachowski showed Bliss to all of her points, and we are very grateful to her for always presenting Bliss so beautifully in the ring.  We'd also like to thank Linda Urbanek for showing Bliss in the puppy classes and teaching her to love the conformation ring!   Bliss will be back in the ring next month to start the pursuit of her Grand Championship.  


Lynne King and Carol DeMoss tell us that..."Kipp" Kaskade's Rip N Skip HT was WD at WPKA for his third major. He needs two singles to finish.  




The adventures of that Darn Designer Dog-Izzy (bi-black).  On Easter weekend Izzy and Ginny decided to not hunt for the Easter bunny and instead try to find the points needed for an Obedience Master 1 at the Youngstown trials.  Izzy went in the Open ring first and came out with an amazing 196.5 (12 more Open points).  Then on to Utility where the score was the same, 196.5 (12 more Utility points).  Wow Iz, good day, if you do nothing else this weekend, you have your needed 9 Utility points for OM1!!!!!!!! Competition was tough as the top handlers don't observe Holidays so they were all there, but we were only 1/2 point out of the ribbons.  Easter day arrives and Izzy knew she has already earned the biggest bone for Easter, but since she has fully bought into the team approach to this whole thing, she decided to return for the 2nd day of trials with mom and give it all she had.  Open felt good and we were greeted at the end with a run off.  Assuming it was for 4th place we were really happy, but not too concerned as we had accomplished our goal and now it was time for fun.  Well, we found out it was a run off for 2nd place and another 196 1/2!!!!!!!. (12 more points).  Izzy got a stuffed bunny for her placement which kind of helped the fact she was not out chasing real bunnies.  LOTS MORE treats after the class, then on to Utility.  She did a terrific job, but was so happy, she pulled a Hoover and instead of a front on directed jumping, did a leap and a stand in front waiting for play,  oh well, lost 10 points on that stunt, but she still ended up with a 185 1/2.  This would have been a 2nd place as the score would have been enough without the antics to accomplish that.  No regrets about that, as she was HAPPY---enjoyed her showing and has now started with enough points for her OM2---------Ginny Schultz.


Darla and Kyle Annonio report that...CH Kaskade Annonio's Friendly Ghost (Kasper)  RN PT earned his Beginner Novice Obedience (BN) title on April 7, 2012 at Youngstown Ohio. This was a very nice Easter present!!!





Brags from March 2012 Newsletter



Elaine Kelvington tells us that…Saturday Feb. 25, at the COSSA (Central Ohio Shetland Sheepdog

Association) Specialty Show, Sharisse was Winner's Bitch for a 4 point major. Sharisse's points were

all breeder/owner/handled and I am so excited to say that this finished her conformation Championship!

Sharisse aka CH Kelvington's Dancing 'N Moonlite is out of Chet aka CH Kelbren Blue Flame CD RN

NAJ AJP (who was owned by Lynn Uram) and Sony aka CH Kelvington's Elec Tri Fying. This makes

Champion number 2 for Sony. She has 3 other offspring with points as well (one with major points).

"Sparky" aka Stargazer's Incendio at Hollybush had his debut at the ASSA Nationals with wonderful

results. Shown and groomed by his breeder Melissa Strong (Stargazer Shelties) he placed 2nd in the

Futurity Class judged by Yvonne Samuelson and 3rd in the regular 6-9 month class judged by Roderick

Thompson. Sparky resides with Chuck Gurchak and Debbie Miller-Gurchak at Hollybush Shelties.

Congrats to our other members that were at the Nationals!


Barb Westerman reports that…I'm still floating with wonderful brags from this year's ASSA National

for my beautiful "Gabe" CastleGate's Angel In Disguise x "Windi" Karefree Gypsy Wind NA NAJ litter!

Three of the puppies from this litter were entered and showed at the tender age of 6 months and 1

week! This was my first Futurity nominated litter to be able to attend the national, and the two puppy

boys "Risk" Karefree Fear Factor (owned by Carol Metz) and "Indi" Gypsy's Indigo Angel (co-owned

with Anne Trosky) both made cut in a large Futurity 6-9 month Puppy class, with "Risk" ultimately

receiving 3rd place from Judge Yvonne Samuelson. This was not the end of excitement for these two

boys though! On Wednesday in the Regular classes (under Judge Rick Thompson), they once again

made cut from another large 6-9 month Puppy class, then "Indi" was pulled out for consideration for 1st

place! "Indi" ended up 2nd place and "Risk received 4th place. Anne and I were sitting together for

both of these classes and were beyond words thrilled with how well these two boys did! The litter sister

"Luci" Gypsy's Karefree Angel (which is still owned by me) was in a HUGE (34 puppies) 6-9 Puppy

Bitch class for Futurity and almost as large 6-9 Month AOAC Puppy Bitch class. "Luci" didn't place, but

I am so happy with her attitude and confidence in a quality packed class.


Diane L Troese tells us that…BISSCH Emprise Silver Lining (Pinta) won her 12+ Veteran Bitch Class,

and then went on to take an Award Of Merit at the ASSA National Specialty in Kissimmee Florida this

month. I am so proud of my little girl who had to go in the ring 5 different times in 2 days and never let

down a bit and flew around the ring like a puppy. I am sure her brother Christopher and best friend

Everett were both looking down upon her and giving her the staying power she needed to get the job

done. She is so proud of her beautiful princess daughter, Justi (Emprise Just Three Wishes

CD) who finished her MACH the week Pinta brought home her AOM ! Justi is owned, shown and loved

by Marlana Tice.

AND…At the TRSSCGP Specialty, Cathance Girls Night Out (Paris) took WB for a 4 point major under

Robert Kelly. Paris is co-owned by Brenda Fuller and me and was only 10 monthes old. Our thanks to

Marlana Tice for handling Perry to this fabulous win !


Elizabeth Brinkley reports that…Today at the Mid-Kentucky KC, UKC Ch. Dante's Rocket Man went

Winner's Dog from BBE class for 1 pt under judge Linda Robey. That makes his total - lucky 13 pts.

both majors.


Anne Trosky says…WOW!!! What a week it was for Gabriel and his kids at the ASSA National! To

start the week off, two of the puppies from the “Gabe”, CastleGate’s Angel In Disguise x “Windi”,

Karefree Gypsy Wind NA NAJ, litter, “Indi”, Gypsy’s Indigo Angel, who is co-owned with Barb

Westerman, and “Risk”, Karefree Fear Factor, owned by Carol Metz, made the cut in the 6-9 month

Puppy Dog Futurity class and Risk took 3rd place. Thank you to Judge Yvonne Samuelson for

recognizing the quality and potential of our puppies. Then in the Regular 6-9 month AOAC Puppy Dog

Class, Indi was awarded 2nd place and Risk was awarded 4th place. Not bad for two adorable little guys

who were in the ring for only the second time. Indi and Risk were quite a hit all week and became

affectionately known and “The Brothers”. Their sister “ Luci”, Gypsy’s Karefree Angel, proved that she

really is an angel by looking adorable and showing her little heart out despite a very long wait in the very

large 6-9 month Puppy Bitch Classes. Just when I thought the week couldn’t get any better (and my

heart couldn’t take any more excitement), the icing on the cake was when Gabriel placed 3rd in the

Open Black Dog Class!!! Gabriel has never looked more beautiful than he did that day and I was

never so proud of him as I was that day. Huge Thanks to Judge Rick Thompson for finding both Gabe

and Indi. Thanks to Grandma Lynn Uram for sharing in our win and excitement via phone and text

messages and for believing in Gabe as much as I do. Thank you to Katie Grohowalski for the exquisite

presentations of both Gabe and Indi. Katie…you are professional, poised, gracious, hard-working, and

amazing!! You and your Mom should be very proud of all of your accomplishments. My dogs and I are

blessed to have you as our handler and friend. It was truly an awesome and memorable week and to

be able to share it with friends and fellow club members made it even more special. Cheering each

other on and celebrating everyone’s wins was thrilling. CONGRATS to all of the winners!!!




Elaine Kelvington tells us that...After 8 weeks off from agility (I slipped on ice, wrenched my knee and

have been doing therapy) Sawyer and I went to the Butler agility trials @ Edinboro, on Fri March 9 and

Sat. March 10th. We qualified on Friday in jwws. Taking one extra jump nqed us in standard. Today we

earned our 5th QQ and got a total of 15 mach points. Sawyer was amazing he ran so fast that I was

having difficulty keeping up to him. I just wasn't expecting it! I only entered us for the two days as I

wanted to see how my knee would hold up, of course now, I wish we were entered on Sunday, too.!


Marlana Tice tells us that…On March 4, 2012 at the Erie Kennel Club agility trial in Edinboro, PA,

Emprise Just Three Wishes, MX, MXJ, CD, "Justi" earned her Master Agilty Championship (MACH)

title. Justi finished with 20 QQ's and 1,167 points. She is co-owned and bred by Diane Troese, out of

BISS CH Patented Emprise Forevermore, "Everett" x BISS CH Emprise Silver Lining, "Pinta". We are

so proud of Justi's drive, work ethic and heart she displayed enroute to this accomplishment. This is

Diane's first homebred performance champion and Justi completes the trio of all owner handled

champions living with me.


Peter & Peggy Grandillo Sr. are very proud of Suntera Molly Grandillo for Molly's accomplishments at

the Splash & Dash TDAA Agility Trial on February 11th & 12th, 2012. Molly came in 3rd place and Q'd in

all 3 Standard Superior runs. Molly Q'd in games Power & Speed, Impossible Tunnel, and Pinball

Wizard with a 2nd place finish in Pinball Wizard.


AND…Peter & Peggy Grandillo are also very proud of Suntera Molly Grandillo for Molly’s

accomplishments at the Four Seasons K9 Athlete CPE Agility Trial in Washingtonville OH. On March

10th & 11th, 2012, Molly just kept on going her merry way into 7 out of 8 Q'ing runs. Molly finished with

six 1st finishes and one second place finish spread over Standard Level 2, Colors Level 2, Wildcard

Level 2, Snooker Level 2, Full House Level 2, Jumpers Level 2.



Brags from February 2012 Newsletter

TRSSCGP Specialty


Nancy Jaquette and Ruby (Suntera Lady in Red) would like to thank Elaine Mayowski for helping us

win two ribbons (one red and one blue) in rally novice at the TRSSCGP show this February. Ruby

especially liked the blue ribbon because it came with a perfect score and with her much-loved breeder,

Colleen Gentilcore, in the audience. Ruby would also like everyone to know that her 2012 TDI card

arrived with the initials DSR after her name. That stands for Disaster Stress Relief and could come in

handy at a show. For just a cheerio, Ruby will nap in anyone's lap.


Julie Iverson tells us that...Feb 4th was a dream day for us at the Three Rivers Specialty. Calvin won

his #10 BISS under Judge Jean Simmonds, his daughter Vera was Best in Sweeps and won her class

in regular judging, his great grandmother Kellie was best veteran at 12 1/2 years old and his mother

Christy made her obedience debut by earning her first 2 legs in Novice B. Thanks to Katie G for

handling Calvin and Vera to their wins. Kellie and Christy were handled by me!

Some of the Catydid crew did well and some did not at our Specialty shows. On the doing well side,

Braedy completed his Beginner Novice title in Obedience, three legs with two third and one first places.

URO 1 Kelvington's Braeden O'Rob Roy BN, CD, CGC, TDI now. Cathy Artis


Rita & Wayne Slepcevich report that…At the TRSSCGP Rally trial on February 4 & 5 in Washington

PA, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RE, AX, MXJ, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC,

OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CL3-R, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F, CGC, TDI “Hannah”, earned her 9th & 10th

RAE Double Q’s to finish her Rally Advanced Excellent title.

AND...at the same trial, Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL3-S, CL3-F, JS-N,

GS-N “Addisyn”, earned her 4th & 5th RAE Double Q’s.


Elizabeth Brinkley tells us that…At the Three Rivers SSC specialty on Feb. 5th, UKC Ch. Dante's

Rocket Man was Winner's Dog for his second major. Rocket now just has 3 single points left to finish.

Rocket has been breeder/owner/handled from the BBE class for all points.


Rusty Cromer & Debbie Hull tell us that they had an “Awesome” time during our Specialty Weekend.

On her seven month birthday, Merlyn Hullston Denim ‘N Diamonds [Ch Lochlyn Dream Catcher, ROM

(Nemo) x Masterpiece Allegria (Ria)] aka Dee Dee was Runner Up to Best in Sweeps and Reserve

Winners Bitch (4 pt. major) at her first show outing.

AND . . . not to be outdone by his litter sister, Merlyn Hullston It Had To Be You completed his Beginner

Novice title in high style. Elisha earned a first place 198, followed by two second placements of 197 and

194. This little bundle of dynamite is loved, owned and trained by Elaine Mayowski. Hats off to them for

a job well done!


Diane Ambrose is happy to report that Damingo Pedal To The Metal, MX, MXJ, XF (Chase), earned

his Rally Novice title with a First Place and a score of 99 at the TRSSCGP Specialty Show on February

5th. At the same show, Chase also earned his first leg in Novice Obedience with a First Place and a

score of 191and a half. Chase was handled by his special friend, Mary Martin.


Linda Bowman tells us that...Heidi (Merlyn Asburton Movado) earned a third RAE (rally advanced

excellent) with a first place in excellent B at the TRSSGP Sheltland Sheepdog Specialty in Washington,

PA. Bonny Girl (Buchan's Golden Girl) earned her third rally advanced B leg, with a 4th place, and her

Rally advanced title at the sheltie specialty.




Kipp, Kaskade's Rip and Skip picked up his second major at West Friendhip under Nan Bodine. He now

has 9 points. He is owned by Lynne King and co-owned by Carol DeMoss.



Lynn Uram reports...I was very excited to learn that both Zelda & Geraldo were in the AKC Top 20 for

calendar year 2011 for the most number of QQ's for shelties. Zelda was #13 with 45 QQ's, and Geraldo

was tied with several other shelties for 20th place with 38 QQ's. Geraldo missed a month of trialing last

summer while he was in Canada to pursue his Canadian Championship, and I'm delighted that he was

able to stay in the Top 20 despite missing those trials. Everybody got steak and ice cream!! <G>

AND...On 2/03/12, Zelda finished her MACH3 at the Olean Trial in Edinboro, PA--one year and two

weeks after she earned her first MACH there. She came into that trial needing 11 points, and she got

exactly 11 points on her first run of the weekend. Geraldo and Zelda got special chewies to celebrate

the occasion, and I had a Krispy Kreme donut and some brownies. Everybody was happy!! <G>


Peter & Peggy Grandillo Sr. are proud to announce that... Suntera Molly Ann Grandillo competed at

the B & D Creekside Activity Center TDAA (teacup) agility trial on Jan. 14 & 15, 2012. Molly earned 3

qualifying runs in standard, all three were 3rd place finishes. Molly also had 1 qualifying run in the game

Power & Speed. It was a successful week end. We are all very proud of Molly.


Pete & Yvette Grandillo Jr. are very proud to announce that... Bryce and Dawson had a very good

weekend competing at the Altoona Area Kennel Club AKC agility trial over the weekend of January 21st

& 22nd. Dawson qualified in 3 of 4 runs in Exc B 20 inch, including a 3rd and 1st place finish in

standard. Bryce qualified in 4 of 4 runs in Exc B 16 inch, including one 2nd place finish (standard) and

three 1st place finishes (jww & standard).


Rita & Wayne Slepcevich report that…At the B & D Creekside Activity Center CPE Agility trial in

Latrobe on February 11 & 12, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ, OAP,


“Hannah”, earned a level 5 Full House leg and 2 Level 4 Standard legs, to finish her CL4-R title and

complete all of Level 4. Hannah has also completed all the requirements of 4 of the 7 Level 5 classes.

AND...at the same trial, Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL3-S, CL3-F, JS-N,

GS-N “Addisyn”, earned a Level 4 Full House, Snooker and Jumpers leg, and a Level 5 Wildcard, 2

Standard, a Snooker and a Colors leg, and also completed all of Level 4.



Brags from January 2012 Newsletter

The Kaskade shelties did very well at Cleveland in December. Rally: Titles in Rally Novice were

earned by Devan, Abbee, and Tia. Tia is owned by Lynn and Walt Robertson who also own Macey,

who earned one novice rally leg. Abbee is co-owned with Mary Lou Williamson. Devan is co-owned

with Libby Wade. Obedience: Kasper, Ch Kaskade Annonio's Friendly Ghost HT, PT, RN q'd the one

time he was shown by Darla Annonio in Beginners Novice Obedience. Agility: Torree co-owned and

shown by Mary Lou earned her Novice FAST title. Charm had a great show. She qualified 7 of 9 runs

including earning Open STD P title. Thanks to Mary Lou and Darla Annonio for 3 of those q's while

Carol DeMoss was involved with breed. Tia q'd three times in her novice runs. Breed: Kaskade

Dunade Rushin Berry Moonglow, HT, PT was WB Thursday for 3 points and WB Friday for 2 points.

She also q'd in 2 of her 4 Novice agility runs. Chani is co-owned with Cheryl Sacerich and Ulli Weinrich

from Ohio and Libby Wade. She is the daughter of Cinders and Kasper.




Marlana Tice reports that...In December, to close out 2011, Emprise Just Three Wishes, MX, MXJ,

CD, "Justi" had a near perfect month of trialing as she qualified in 10 of her 11 runs. At the Youngstown

All Breed Trial at Washingtonville, OH on December 3rd & 4th, "Justi" Double Q'd both days and placed

in all of the runs with a Second, 2 Thirds and a Fourth. The following weekend, on Sunday, at the

Admiral Perry Obedience Training Club Trial in Edinboro, she Double Q'd and placed Third in

Standard. Then at the Western Reserve Kennel Club trials at the IX Center in Cleveland, December

15th - 18th, she had a near perfect weekend as she qualified in 7 out of the 8 runs. She gathered 3

more Double Q's, a 2nd place in standard one of the days and 2 Fourth Places in Jumpers. Justi has

had all of her MACH points since the beginning of October and now stands at 1043 points. She just

needs 3 more Double Q's to finish her MACH title in which we are hoping to do so in February in the

frigid weather of Edinboro !


Sandy Irish tells us that...My 3 shelties, Gaelyn, Macy and Sam had a good New Year's Day at the

Four Seasons K-9 Athlete Center's CPE trial. In the 12 runs for the day, they qualified and placed in

11. On the one run when we didn't qualify, it was the handler's error (Me!). Gaelyn had 3 first place

finishes in the 12" regular class Level 3, Sammy had 2 first places and 2 second places in Level 1

regular class, and Macy had 4 first place finishes in Enthusiast 8" class, Level 2. I'm hoping for a good

rest of 2012!


Rita & Wayne Slepcevich report that…At the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center’s CPE agility trial in

Washingtonville OH on Dec 31 / Jan 1, U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RE, AX, MXJ,


“Hannah”, earned a Level 4 Standard and a Level 5 Jackpot, Colors and Wildcard leg, with two 2nd and

two 3rd places. Hannah has now completed the Championship requirements for 4 of the 7 classes.

AND...at the same trial, Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, CL3-R, CL3-H, CL3-S, CL3-F, JS-N,

GS-N “Addisyn”, earned a Level 4 Jackpot, Colors, Full House, Wildcard, Snooker and 2 Standard legs,

with four 2nd and three 3rd places, to complete her CL4-R and her CL4-H titles.


Elaine Kelvington reports that...Sawyer aka CH Kelvington's Talisman CDX RE MX MXJ XF HT VCX

TDI CGC completed his Excellent Fast title yesterday, (with a second place) December 30, 2011 at the

Golden Retriever Club of Columbus, OH all breed AKC agility trial.


Lynn Uram tells us that...The 2011 agility year officially ended for us on New Year's Eve, and I

couldn't be happier with how it ended. Geraldo and Zelda Q'ed on 9 of their 10 runs in Zanesville this

weekend, and they both QQQ'ed on the last day of the trial. Zelda is now 2/3 of the way to her MACH3,

and Geraldo is half way to his MACH4. Between the two of them, they earned four MACH's in 2011. I

am truly blessed to be able to run agility with two homebred dogs that I adore.

AND... The New Year started off with a bang for us at the Erie Kennel Club's agility trial in Edinboro, PA

on January 6th-8th. Zelda qualified on all six of her runs, and Geraldo qualified on five of his six

runs. Zelda just needs 86 additional MACH points for her MACH3!




Anne Trosky reports that we received an awesome early Christmas present from "Gabriel",

CastleGate's Angel In Disguise. Gabe was awarded WD/BOW for 2 points by judge David Anthony at

the Medina Kennel Club show of the Crown Classic in Cleveland on 12/16/11. Thank you to Katie

Grohowalski for an outstanding presentation of Gabe and to Julie Iverson, DVM for the great assist! As

always, thanks to Grandma Lynn Uram for sharing in our excitement...we're 1/3 of the way there

Lynn!! I was stuck on a plane on a runway in St. Louis because the jetway was broken when I received

the text message from Katie that they had won. I let out this loud squeal and everyone must have

thought I was nuts!! I couldn't get off that plane fast enough to do my happy dance and start calling

everyone. Grandma Lynn said it best..."Merry Christmas!"





Updated 3/29/12