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Rainbow Bridge


Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.


When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.


There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.


All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole

 and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing;

they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.


They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance.

His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers.

Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.


You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet,

you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.

The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head,

and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.


Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together


Author unknown...




Tribute to CH Saranac Playing for Keeps, ROM (Jordan)

12/19/98 to 7/29/13

(CH Cameo Farms Friday Night, ROM x Saranac Northern Session)


Saranac Shelties is saddened to report the death of our beloved first homebred tri Champion Jordan. After a short battle with kidney failure, and at 14 and half years young Jordan crossed over the rainbow bridge. He was

Anne’s beloved companion. He was always by her side. Thank you God for the opportunity to love and be loved by such a wonderful Sheltie. I remember all the wonderful years and am grateful for every minute sharing

his antics. We remember not only his accomplishments such as his ASSA National wins, but his many antics. One time he jumped into the dog food plastic 6 gallon container and hid while feasting. He loved to play in the

water especially digging all the water out of the bowl. He had such a macho altitude, and also produced gorgeous puppies. He was the sire of ten breedchampions making him a ROM in 2008. The one most embarrassing feat

was when he emptied his bladder for a minute or two on the exam tablewhen being judged. He certainly was a show stopper! Even at the end hemoved beautifully with little signs of aging. He also still had that lengthy

harsh rich black coat that was so easy to care for. He loved to retrieve and jumping over baby gates with his toys. He was a natural for agility.Jordan was the ultimate gentleman and got along well with the other dogs.

But there is a huge void in my home and in my heart.

Some of the kids living with Terri include Trevor, (CH MACH2, PACH Saranac Bi Chance, CD, HT, OF, PAX, MJP5, MXP4, VCX), Rachel,MX, MXJ, and Jayla, OAJ, NA. Three of his CH kids live with Anne

including CH Annie, CH Chaya, and CH Jessica.

There is a big hole in our hearts at this time.



Anne Poirier Foreman and Terri Poirier


Our condolences to Ginny Schultz who lost Sheltie Frank.

Our condolences to Julie Iverson who lost Sheltie Kellie.




U-ACH Hullston’s Return To Sender CD, RE, OA, OAJ, NAP, NJP, AG.N, NAC, OJC, NGC, JS-N, CL1-R, CL1-H, CGC, TDIA


August 9, 1996 - February 20, 2013


Hayley was our first Sheltie, my first Agility, Obedience, Rally and Therapy Dog.  She was such a gentle Therapy Dog, she was allowed to lie on the beds of the children in the intensive care unit.  She went to the Highland Games for 13 years, and people came back every year to see her.  We learned about the dog show world together.  Hayley wasn't thrilled about competing, but she did it for me.  She finished her

Companion Dog, Rally Excellent and UKC Agility Championship, and earned just about every other Novice and Open Agility title from here

to Canada.  Stress in the Agility ring started taking it's toll once we got to excellent.  I knew it was time for her to retire when she wouldn't come out of the tunnel at the Pittsburgh Convention Center, and the judge made me crawl in, pull her out, and carry her off the course in front of hundreds of people.  It was decided then she would just stay home and be spoiled.  Of course, if she wouldn't have decided to retire, we probably would have never brought Hannah and Addisyn home, so I thank her for that because it would have been much more difficult for us to get through this without them.  She was happy to stay home with Daddy, while Mommy and her sisters went to shows.  She spent her days sleeping, and didn't have a care in the world.  Through the years, being a senior citizen caught up with her, with hearing loss, trouble seeing in the dark and arthritis.  We knew 7 months ago that her liver wasn't working properly, but medication had that under control.  When the end came, she went on her own, and spared us having to make that decision for her.  She was deeply loved and will be forever missed.  We want to thank Debbie Hull for trusting us with this wonderful girl, Julie Iverson for making the end much easier, and all our friends and club members for their cards, emails and kind thoughts.


  Rita and Wayne Slepcevich









6/23/1999 - 2/17/2012


A little over 12 years ago something happened that changed my life forever. My then 13 year old

daughter had proved to Gary and I that she was indeed dedicated to this idea of showing dogs and we

needed to fulfill our promise to her of getting her a "show dog". The internet was new but we made some

contacts - not realizing how difficult it was for a newbie to be entrusted with a show quality Sheltie.

We looked up breeders at shows, wrote emails and waited. From the beginning one name kept coming up

as the person we needed to talk to - the person who could help us find a dog. Rusty Cromer. For some

reason I was terrified of this icon, this goddess of Shelties, this person who knew everyone and

everything. It took me weeks to get up the nerve to call her - that and a lot of nagging by Lindsay. I

almost hung up while the phone was ringing then it was too late "Merlyn Kennels" this voice answered.

I identified myself and this Rusty person said "I've been waiting to hear from you ". OMG - she DID

know everything !


We talked for a long time and she eventually told me about someone named Diane Troese who had two

puppies out of her Ch Nina sired by Ch Laureate Santana - a bitch she was keeping and a dog she liked as

well. Rusty told me in no uncertain terms that "Diane didn't need to keep another boy" and I should look

her up. I had no idea who these dogs were and we spent some time researching them. I found nothing on

this Nina and learned that Santana - they called him Tanner - was a sable merle - whatever that meant.

I have no memory of contacting Diane but some how plans were made to meet her at the Sheltie National

which as luck would have was in King of Prussia, PA a three hour drive from home.


To say we were nervous is a huge understatement. We gathered photos of our dogs, debated on

whether to take GrandSport with us and headed east. Arriving at the show site we were totally amazed

at what we found - Shelties and people everywhere - and the vendors !! We saw the one person in the

whole place that we knew and she directed us to Diane's booth. Once there we introduced ourselves and

tried to talk a bit but people were everywhere wanting to buy Diane's artwork. I finally got to give her

our pictures and she told us where to find her set up.


I will never forget the look on Lindsay's face when Diane brought Christopher out of his crate & asked

Linds if she wanted to move him. It was love at first sight, perhaps on both their parts. Later I would

always tell Lindsay that Christopher thought the sun, the moon and the stars rose and set in her eyes.

One month later Diane drove to Latrobe with Chris and sold him to us on a pet contract. She told us

that finishing him wasn't the most important thing to her but that she wanted him to compete in

something be it performance or conformation and she wanted him to be somewhere he would be loved.


We traveled near and far in our quest to finish Chris and his sister Pinta, always having the time of

our lives and especially through the "Nina years". Christopher went on to Canada to live with his sire's

owner until he finished his Canadian Championship and later in his retirement here at home became a

therapy dog and sired a litter at twelve years of age.


I did not realize it then, but that little "weenie" as Diane called him would turn out to be our entrance

ticket into the world of "dogs". More importantly, as the years flew by our friendship - no it is more than

friendship - our love of the people who brought us together grew into the greatest relationships of our



So thank you Christopher. Thank you for all you gave us - one little girl puppy to continue your legacy,

and the joys, the disappointments, the laughter and the tears but most of all thank you for the love.


Maureen and Lindsay Spitznogle




Bittersweet's Little Lyndi




On New Years Day 2006,a precious mahogany sable and white angel came home with me and

changed my life. Lyndi was a treasure someone else didn't want and thanks to Linda Urbanek she

was rescued . After a lot of loving care she was ready to go to her forever home. When I first saw her

at Linda's shop, it wasn't hard to see that she was sooo smart. She never took her eyes off Linda and

after she came home with me she never took her eyes off me, even in her last moments of life.


We started obedience classes right away with Kathy Ward and she earned her Rally titles, CGC

and TDI, but of course her favorite was agility. After a year of classes, we entered the 2007 MKC

trial and she Q'd in her 1st class, JWW. But then she was having such a good time running and

playing with me in the ring that I lost my velcro dog for quite awhile. Lyndi earned both her Novice

titles the same day in 2008 and then due to an injury we were off for quite a while. We started back

very slowly in 2010 and at the 2010 MKC trial she Q'd in all 3 classes we entered and earned her OJP

title and 1st leg in Fast. What a wonderful weekend that was.


No matter where I took her, she was always a Lady. Well almost. In 2008 I took her to the

Highland Games, where I found out how much she disliked little kids after she almost had a toddler

"for lunch". Walter and I just looked at each other in disbelief, seeing her turn into a devil in a split

second and then back into the sweet, gentle Lady she always was.


Lyndi had serious separation anxiety and I'm told barked the whole time I was gone. Needless

to say she started going everywhere with me, even places she shouldn't be. Even walking out of

PVSEC that last morning, 2 people remarked how beautiful she was.


She always touched me with her nose when she wanted more petting or just to tell me she loved

me. Many, many mornings I woke up to those beautiful eyes waiting for me to open mine.


On Aug 8 Lyndi was diagnosed with IMHA. She spent 5 days at PVSEC. The Dr gave her a 50

-50 chance of surviving, so we had to try. She was my Lyndi. They told me she was the model patient

and always did whatever they ask of her, as she always did for me. For 8 weeks we thought we could

beat it. Most of those days were good and some were great. She started to jog again instead of walk ,

bark at silly things, which I had to limit to save her energy, and enjoyed eating again. But she

relapsed and did not bounce back after her 4th transfusion. We made our last trip to PVSEC Oct 15

for a PCV check, which was back down to 15. After I made the decision not to put her thru any more

treatment, she jogged down the hall to me to come home. The last thing she did while I held her in my

arms at Dr Tummons was touch me with her nose to tell me one more time she loved me.


It's still unbelievable that someone did not want this precious little soul. Lyndi was a treasure.

Please consider a Rescue when looking for another dog. My life was changed by Lyndi. I have met

many of my friends who are reading this and supported us thru her last weeks because of Lyndi. I

know she's having a good time at the Rainbow Bridge Agility Trial, teaching Penny agility while they

wait for me. I Love and Miss You my Precious Baby Girl.

Margaret Whyel






October 10, 1997-August 21, 2011

Kaskade's Legacy of the Wind, RA, HT, AX, AXJ, NAP, AJP, NF, NFP

On August 21st, Journey passed the baton of

leadership of Kaskade Shelties to Willow.

Among her accomplishments: mother of Charm, herding title

at 12, excellent title in Preferred JWW at 13, placement

at Nationals in PJWW at 13 1/2, and qualifying in PJWW

at the Memorial Day shows at 13 years and 8 months.

Journey taught us agility, herding, obedience, rally,

patience and humility, but most important, winning was

not as important as having fun and living life to it's fullest.

Forever in our hearts, Linda and Carol




There is a huge hole in my heart, and there's a new little

Tri Colored Sheltie Angel at the bridge today....

Dr. Mark helped me let my sweet little Alley go this afternoon.

We found out that it wasn't just her bladder involved,

but her whole little body, and she was in quite a bit of pain.

So I made the sad decision to let her be free of pain.

Miss my little Alley Bug.

Hullston's Diagon Alley "Alley"

August 4, 2001 - September 12, 2011

This has been a very sad year here, with us losing both Benjamin and Alley

Barb Westerman






(CH Merlyn's Mark Of Fire NJP)
6/10/98 - 4/17/11

For those that hadn't heard...  I said goodbye to my sweet Benjamin on

April 17th.  He fought his battle for a long time, but now he's now running

through the fields at the Rainbow Bridge with his pal Mackie.  I'm sure

that Mackie will show him the ropes, just like he always did.

Benjamin and I had many adventures while I was blessed to have him.  My

plain little brown dog (with LOTS of heart), was bred by Rusty, but started his

life on Elaine Kelvington's kitchen floor.  He quickly made Rusty & I ware that

he was supposed to go home with me.  Along the way, we showed in conformation

shows, received a Best Of Breed from the classes (at a show 1 dog short of a major),  showed at the National 5 different times (all owner handled - including 9-12

Veterans at the Georgia National, where we also took a turn around the ring in

the Parade of Veterans).  He received his championship, receiving most of his

points owner handled, then was awarded his majors with Zana, who only needed

to show him 3 times.  We  also did some obedience together, some agility (including obtaining his NJP), herded some sheep, and went through a lot of changes in our

life.  Through this all he was always very devoted to me, loved to cuddle with

me, slept on the bed with me, and was always on guard to protect me.

Ben would have been 13 this June.  And in true Benjamin style, I told 

him that even though he was unable to make the National this year, that

he was being awarded  his special "BEST-EST In Show" Award.
Miss you Ben.

 Barb Westerman




To Royanne Mac on the loss of Kaskade's Space Communicator,

NA, NAJ, NAP, OJP "Rocky" . Rocky was 15 1/2 and was very

healthy until the past few weeks. Royanne and Rocky's friends

will miss this darling, happy little boy. Rocky and Royanne

were the first TRSSCGP team to achieve an agility title.




My 'Pistol' lost his battle with cancer December 2nd. The tumor was found on September 16th,

and it was large already, so I feel blessed to have had him for this extra time, and for it to be

mostly good time for him. God bless Julie for always being there, I can't ever thank her enough.


Though it has been so hard today not seeing him in his favorite places, I know he is not in

pain anymore.


My prayer's were answered, as I had prayed that I would not lose him while I was in the

hospital, and though there was a close call when Larry and Julie were afraid it might not happen,

Julie came out and after she worked her magic, he did rally once again and did not leave me.


I am so thankful to Rich and Kelly for coming out the weekend before my surgery and taking

such beautiful pictures of him...


He is romping at the bridge with Lucky (grandson), Everett, Prescious, and Demi.. and many

more beloved ones.


BISS CH Damingo Colt Forty Five, RN, CGC, TDI

December 11, 1996 - December 02, 2010




BISS CH Patented Emprise Forevermore

"Everett P Troese"

March 24, 1998 - November 24 2010


I smile as I try to put into a few words, the lifetime of a dog who has meant so much, and

has enriched my life and the lives of so many others. He never did anything half way, and, for

better or worse, there was never a dull moment. He was a dog with great confidence and

dignity, but he also had a sense of humor, and, an extraordinary amount of courage. He is the

only dog that could handle my beloved but tenacious Beatrice Ann, and I am sure she met him at

the gates. The world is a better place because Everett was here and his tail was wagged in it.


And to Katie: "Thank you so much for making his life so much fun these past couple of years.

You gave him what he craved - the spotlight ! His heart nearly burst for joy when he was in

the show ring with you. He was sleeping soundly on my bed just a few days ago, with his

paws twitching and that beautiful smile on his face, and I knew he was finishing the Grand

Championship that you and he started just a few months ago. It has been a great pleasure to

stand back and watch you two shine."


A person I admire and respect once told me this, and I tried to live up to it, but, I have made

some mistakes along the way: "Stand up for your pets. Be kind and be respectful, but say

what they can't say for themselves." Diane


Co-owned by Diane Troese and Katie Grohowalski








To Colleen Gentilcore who lost Sheltie “Angel”,

Merlyn's Tilted Halo, on July 8.





Sympathies to Royanne Mac on the loss of "Drifter" 

Ch Merrylea's Wayward Wind, NA, NAJ.  1995-2010. 

Drifter sired two litters, both produced a champion--   

Ch Dunade Kaskade's Golden Fleece, NAJ, NJP  "Jason" and

Ch Merrylea's Gale Winds, OA, MXJ, NF "Gaelen"


Our condolences to Julie Iverson, on the loss of Sheltie Emmett. 


(Saranac Chance on One, OAJ, NA)

9/17/96 to 5/15/10

It is with a heavy heart that JoNee (Saranac Chance on One, OAJ, NA) died in my arms at 7:45 pm this evening.  She became ill about three weeks ago and was diagnosed in liver failure two weeks ago. She was holding her own until today when she stopped eating. It was a fairly rapid decline. Her heart was beating loudly and hard all day as she was declining. I took her out for her last break this evening and she would not stand up and laid down on the ground. I brought her back in to retrieve a sheet covering and as I was holding her she quickly died in my arms.

JoNee was the last puppy born to my Jamie (Saranac Northern Belle). She was born as a singleton puppy while I was on sabbatical. She lived with Anne for nearly the first year of her life. When she came to live with me upon my return home from my sabbatical leave, she quickly proved to be quite the agile dog. I caught her walking on the deck ledge (nearly 12 ft from the ground) out of my window.

JoNee sired three breed champions:  CH Micah, CH Ryan and CH Trevor. She started agility late in her career. She leaves at home her son, Trevor who is a dual CH (CH MACH Saranac Bi Chance, VCX, HT, CD, OF); her last daughter born to her, Rachel (Saranac Enduring Promise, MXJ, AX), and a niece, Jayla (Saranac Fields of Dreams).

JoNee definitely contributed to our sheltie legacy. She can now rest well. 

(CH. Merlyn's Touched Bi Magic)

4/20/97 - 3/15/10


 It's with a very heavy heart that I tell you that my sweet bi-black boy, Mack, lost his battle with cancer and is now at the bridge.


Mack came into my life almost 13 years ago.  Mack was my first conformation champion and though the years we made many great friends and learned about the conformation world.   With very limited siring,   Mack sired "Gabe" (MACH 20, ADCH Summerlove's Gabriel V BonJon HSAs, MXF, RN, U-AGII).  We've been thrilled over the years, to hear how well Gabe & his owner Daniel McDonald have done together.


I feel very lucky to have had Mack in my life.


Barb Westerman  


In Loving Memory



Am/Can. CH Tar-Ri Kylenes Country Pride Am/Can. CD, RAE, AX, AXP, AXJ, OJP,



 It is so hard to describe a dog that lived a remarkable, productive life even more then some people could dream to do.


 I can only say of all of his accomplishments that anyone can see at the beginning and end   of his name.  Of all of his Champion Children and all of those that soared through the performance events, congratulations to them.  I just can't name them all here.  I do want to pay tribute to his daughter the lovely Lainey, “CH Belaire's Town N' Country” that passed only a few weeks before JJ did at the age of 3.  What a shock and tragedy that was.  But I want to thank all of those that made JJ so proud of their accomplishments.


But what most don't know is what a kind and loving soul JJ was.  A true ambassador of the breed.  In all of my sickness, he was there for me.  He sat with me, laid his head on my lap just to tell me everything would be OK. I spent day after day, month after month not being able to get out of my chair, but JJ never left my side.  Yes, he was a remarkable dog in the show ring, making breed history twice in Rally, but he was also the dog who taught me there was a light at the end of the tunnel, just by being with me everyday.  He didn't care if he was a show dog, just my best friend and I thanked him as he passed for all the days he was with me and for the remarkable life he shared with me.  I will miss you dear friend.  I know that Ken shared a big part  of your life and maybe some day you and he can run the courses again over the Rainbow Bridge.




Condolences to Mary Lou Williamson and Perry New on the sudden death of Sally, Kaskade's Stargazer of Orion, MX,MXJ, PJX1, PJX2, PJX3, PJX4. Sally was almost 13 years old and had only recently been retired from agility competition. She was the mother of Ch Kaskade's Blue Star of Orion, "Lyra".





Ch Belaire's Town N' Country


Our condolences to Gloria and Ken Hanson who lost Sheltie Lainey.




In Memory


On February 24, 2009, just short of her fourteenth birthday, Freckles, Kaskade's Trouble With Tribbles crossed the Rainbow Bridge to meet her sire, Ch Cataway's The Enterprise, "Ryker"


Freckles only had one litter but her legacy includes:


Daughter:  Sally, Kaskade's Star Gazer of Orion, MXJ, MX, MJP1, MJP2, MJP3, MJP4, CGC


Son:        Walker, Kaskade's Star Voyager, NA, NAJ, OAJ, pointed



               Lyra, Ch Blue Star of Orion, CGC, RN
               Kassie, Kaskade Kassandra of Annonio, CGC, TDI, RN, NA, NAJ, NF, OAJ, AD, ADD, SM, TG1, TG2, TG3


                Kobie, CGC, TDI, RN, NA, NAJ, NF, OAF, OA, AXJ, TG1, TG2, TG3, TBAD, AD, ADD, SM
                Trekker, beloved pet


wonderful lifetime human friendships





 Siera Lundy's Satin Star "Jessie"

3/21/1996 - 2/25/2009


We lost our  Collie "Jessie"  this week--She had been with us for almost 13 years.

Her love for my Shelties was wonderful to watch--always gentle and loving.

It will be hard without my Pooh Bear-- we went through a lot together.  Debbie and Bruce Lundy.




Am/Can CH Kelbren Blue Flame, CD, RN, NAJ, AJP, CGC, CTL1-S, CTL1-F


December 20, 2000 - February 21, 2009


Today is an incredibly sad day at CastleGate Shelties.  This afternoon, Chet, our foundation male and the light of my life, lost a short battle with an aggressive form of oral cancer.  When Carol Craswell entrusted Chet to me on Mother’s Day weekend in 2002, she changed my life, and at this point, I can’t even begin to imagine what my life is going to be like without him.


We have experienced a roller coaster of emotions for the last two and a half weeks.  First, we waited for the biopsy results hoping with all of our might that it wouldn't be cancer, and once we knew that it was cancer, then, we prayed for a treatment option that would save his life and still give him a good quality of life.


We saw the cancer specialist/surgeon several days after getting the biopsy results, and after consulting with him, we felt that the kindest option for Chet was to let him go peacefully without any invasive treatments or radical surgeries. 


I had hoped for several additional months with him, but it wasn’t meant to be.  I’m grateful that I had some warning about his passing, so that I could savor the time we had left.  The last two weeks with him have truly been a gift, and we’ve done all of his favorite things over and over again.


He had more good days than bad ones until yesterday.  I knew last night that today would be the last day that we’d share with Chet on this side of The Rainbow Bridge.  I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning watching him sleep and trying to memorize the contours of his face, the merling pattern on his polka dot ears, and the pretty upturn of his lip line that made him look like he was smiling all the time.  Each rise and fall of his chest last night brought fresh tears and cherished memories flooding back.


This morning, I woke up about a half hour before he did, and I watched him sleep again and wished for more time with him even though I knew it was a wish that couldn’t be fulfilled.


There are no words to adequately describe the impact that Chet has had on our lives.  He was one of the sweetest and most noble dogs that I’ve ever known, and his presence in our lives paved the way for many new friendships and opened the door for countless new experiences.  I had longed for a blue male champion for many years before Chet came into our lives, and he made that dream come true for me.  The day we picked him up at the MA Sheltie Specialty was such a joyous occasion.  I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be bringing home such a wonderful young dog.  I will be eternally grateful to Carol Craswell for sharing one of her best with me.


We are blessed to have three of his children (Geraldo, Zelda, and Lydia) here and to be able to watch other Chet kids mature in the homes of our friends.  Now that I can no longer look into Chet’s eyes, it will give me comfort to look into the faces of his children and see bits of him there.


I took this photo on a sunny fall day. I love how regal and

beautiful he looked even when he was sleeping.

This is Chet's trademark smile. I see that same smile on

Geraldo's face when he's getting ready to trash me on

the agility course. I guess Geraldo gets his

"monkey boyness" from his Dad.

This is my favorite agility photo of Chet. He looks so

happy and elegant. That's how I want to remember him!

Chet and Elsa are half siblings, and they've also been best

friends since Elsa came home with us from the East

Lansing National in 2003. Like me, she is going to

have a hard time without him.

Yesterday afternoon, I finally had the courage to try and take

some final pictures of Chet and me. Chet was a very kissy boy,

and I’ll treasure these photos of some of the last kisses

that he gave me.

Almost every day started with Chet kisses.

Tomorrow morning will be especially hard for us.

Chet had finished a new title the day this picture was taken, and he was very pleased with himself!

His mom was pretty happy too


Merlyn's Hot Stuff (Chili Bean)
6/20/92 - 12/1/08

Celebrating nearly 16-1/2 years of snoring, not coming when called, and tolerating rude collie puppies.
One of the sweetest dogs we've ever known.
Our thanks to Rusty Cromer for allowing us to share our lives with Chili.

Don and Betsy Linhart



We send our condolences out to Ginny Schultz who lost Sheltie Jay.



BISS CH Century Emprise Cara Nina

December 13, 1994 – September 28, 2008


On September 28, 2008, I said good bye to a very dear friend. From the beginning of our journey together, “Nina” and I shared such a unique bond. A natural show dog, she gave me the confidence to succeed in both the Junior Showmanship and Breed rings…although some might argue her willingness to please came mostly from her love of being in the spotlight (and her love of liver). At a time when I was showing a certain difficult, young sable merle male who very much despised showing, my mother, Diane and I could always say, “Well…there’s always ‘Nina’,” and win or lose, she would surely make the day brighter. Some of my fondest memories are of my first few years in dogs, with the three of us ringside surrounding “Nina”, who always had a smile on her face and who most certainly had her infamous “Queen Nina” towel on her back.


Those moments are cherished, and will never be forgotten. What I will hold closest to my heart, though, is a simple kind of love that was shared by a dog and her owner. I miss you, baby girl.


Lindsay Spitznogle


i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
my heart) i am never without it (anywhere
i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)
i fear
no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i want
no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you
here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart
i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
e.e. cummings



Saranac Northern Sensation 2/6/95 to 10/22/08


It is with deep sadness that I report that Kerry (Saranac Northern Sensation) died in my arms yesterday.  Kerry was never a breed champion but definitely contributed to our legacy and others. Even though she was only shown in the breed ring a couple of times, I can remember the time when a severe thunderstorm occurred during a show and Kerry who was was very noise sensitive was petrified. However, she was still shown to help keep the major in that show and helped two of the sheltie club members to obtain their last major to finish their dogs. 


Kerry is the dam of our CH Saranac Playing for Keeps (Jordan) ROM and the granddam of our CH Saranac Bi Chance, CD, HT, MX, MXJ, OF, VCX (Trevor) and MACH3 Saranac Better in Black (Kyrie).  Most of our Saranac dogs can be traced back to Kerry. 

Her passing was very quick.  She only stopped eating 36 hours prior to her death and went into heart failure and suddenly died of a cardiac arrest. She waited until I returned from a business trip before her passing. She will be missed. Terri Poirier


A Collection Of Memories Of My Dog Joey

Walter W Piroth


One thing that always touched me was Joey’s habit of burying his face against me. Each morning when we got up and on my return home from work and following our little reunion dance I’d get down on the floor with them. Joey would get close and then would push his head against me burying his face. He just stood here pushing on me. I couldn’t figure what this was all about but he sure seemed to enjoy doing it. Maybe he did it because afterwards he always got lots of hugs and a cookie of two.


I’ll never forget the rainy night Joey and oZZy were out in the backyard barking insanely. Something definitely had gotten their attention and I had to put an end to it before my neighbors called the cops. They were off to the side of the yard barking at something on the ground and ignoring all attempts to call them in. I grabbed a flash light went over to them and there lying on the ground looking extremely dead was an opossum. I managed to get them away from it and in the house. Joey, who normally let oZZy take the lead during intruder alerts, stayed at the door insisting he be let back out. I remember thinking what’s so interesting about a dead animal, that’s when it hit me; the opossum was just doing a brilliant performance of being dead. Probably had done it a few times before. Joey knew it, so did oZZy, the not too swift human didn’t. We waited about 10 minutes, went back out and guess who was gone. The two hunting dogs were very disappointed and not at all happy with me. I let it get away…


We went for a walk every night even Joey’s last. I made these guys a promise; we’d walk every night, the only exception was when I was away. It didn’t matter if it was below zero or 2 AM, we went. Maybe not too far, but we went. There were times when I thought it’s just too nasty out for the poor old guy. He would have none of it. As soon as oZZy and I made a move toward the door he was right there. If I tried to leave without him he’d insist on going. Even with the arthritis and pain the thought of not wanting to go for a walk apparently never occurred to him. Sometimes I kept his walks short, but he never gave up wanting to go.


Our nightly rounds of the neighborhood would take us through my neighbor’s backyard along a fence that separates our yards. This path has a stretch of about 20 feet where it’s only about a foot or so wide. The fence on the left and a bank on the right. Every night I’d tell Joey that it’s up to him to lead us through and get us safely home. No one else knows the way. He’d actually get all excited, with his tail waging; head held high he’d take the lead. It would be him, oZZy and me single file walking along the path.


Of course I had to make oZZy stay in line behind Joey. I’m sure he didn’t have a clue what this was all about. We’d get to the end of the fence; Joey would step aside as we walked by. All happy and proud of himself. I would pat him on the head and tell him how brave he was. And that we’d never have found our way home without him. We did this every night for over two years, maybe 700 times. Same thing every night. He was always so proud of himself. oZZy and I stopped going that way. I just can’t walk along that path without Joey.


It took more than a year for me to feel that Joey was really my dog. I just had this sense that I was minding someone else’s dog. I’m not at all sure why that was but it was at least a year before I really felt differently about him. That he was where he belonged. I think he felt the same way. Eventually he wanted to be the first to greet me when I came in and came as fast as he could if he thought oZZy was getting too much attention. When Joey left someone sent me a nice note expressing their sorrow and made the comment that Joey had gone to The Rainbow Bridge and was now happily reunited with his original owners. Well lets be clear on one thing, I don’t know about the Bridge, its existence, what happens there or what, but if I show up there some day Joey better be waiting for me and not off with any original owners. There will be hell to pay…… He’s my dog! Joey, I miss and love you buddy.




I wish to thank everyone for all your kind cards and thoughts during the recent tragic loss  of my pet.  I feel such deep grief and sadness over the loss of my little "peanut".  In addition, I feel guilt and blame for not having made her home a safer place.  We all have hidden perils in our homes and may not even be aware of it.  Please take a look around and maybe you can avoid such a needless, senseless tragedy.  Despite everyone saying that this was just a freaky accident, I feel I could have done more to keep her safe.  My son was home that day but found her too late.  He tried to save her by giving breaths and CPR while I was trying to get home  but she was too far gone.


Today I will pick up her urn - a sad reminder of the dear little dog she was.  Mala was the sweetest little girl and I'm glad to have had the time with her even though it was not enough.  I will always miss her and remember the good times we had.  So, please take an extra moment to look around and try to see your home through the eyes of your dogs.  A tragedy like this can occur quickly and change your life forever.


Please keep my little girl in your thoughts and prayers.  I know she will always be in mine.  Give all your "guys " an extra hug before you leave for the day. 


May God be with you and all your special Sheltie kids.


Once again thanks,


Sandy Dehoux



 CH Saranac Morning Creation, NAJ (Ryan)

8-11-99 to 1-28-08


 It is with deep sadness that I had to assist Ryan (CH Saranac Morning

Creation, NAJ) with crossing to the Rainbow bridge this morning.  Ryan had

been ill for the last few months. We got to the point where he would not eat. 

We had a great weekend with him in the yard where he got to do some agility jumps

for  the last time. Though he could not jump like he used to, he did enjoy jumping

at 8 inches. This was a tough one as Ryan was still alert and young.  He still

had his pretty face even tough he was just skin and bone.          Therese Poirier




Ch. Foxglove Ashburton Photo Op

(Ch. Bonnyville Fairfax Nighthawk ROMC x Ch. Malpsh Penny Serenade ROM)


July 8, 1997 – January 11, 2008



We sadly lost out beautiful Phoebe this week to cancer. Phoebe, the dam of four champions, leaves behind many beautiful children and grandchildren. We can’t express how much we will miss this sweet girl. Phoebe lived for hugs and dinnertime. She loved anyone and everyone who came to the house and was, without question, the sweetest dog we have ever had the privilege to know. Phoebe was bred by and shared with Kim and Carolyn at Foxglove and Deb Jones at Ashburton.


Colleen Gentilcore

Suntera Shelties




“Shadow … My Perfect Little Angel”


 Moon Shadow of Summerridge, CDX, NAP, NAJP, RN, CGC

3/25/99 – 10/7/07


There is something to be said about “Love at first sight”, for when I first laid eyes on you, I fell in love with you… Your big brown eyes and all of those freckles melted my heart.  You were such a good little puppy who never got into any mischief.  As you continued to grow you became such a beautiful boy and a loving companion. 


 It soon became clear that Shadow was the perfect name for you as you never left my side except to follow your big brother Bailey around.  You idolized him and always looked after him, making sure that he was okay.


 Every time that we would go to an obedience or agility class or trial you were always so excited to go with me.  On the way you would always sit next to me in the front seat with a smile on your face and the wind blowing your coat.  You were so eager to learn, to do things right, and were always so serious.  You made me so proud at every show and I could tell how proud you were of yourself too.  All of your ribbons and trophies now remind me of what a great performance dog you were.


 But at home you were so silly and fun loving.  You loved to go for walks, play ball, and all of our other “silly Sheltie games”.  When we weren’t playing you kept things in order and on schedule around the house.  You always worried when something wasn’t quite right.   And along came little brother Levi.  Your job was to keep him in line and make sure that his ears were always clean.


 You embraced life and everything that you did with such spirit and enthusiasm.  You always wanted to please me and you did.  You never, ever let me down.  We were best friends and inseparable.  Even when we faced the fight of our lives, we fought it together until the end.  You were so strong and brave through all of the treatments and doctor visits.  You were a true fighter, you never gave up, and you kept me going with your will and spirit.  I’m so sorry that we didn’t win that one Little Buddy, but we sure did try.


 Even though our time together was too short, you lead such a full and happy life.  You took care of all of us and brought us so many happy times and now, wonderful memories.  I now realize how many lives you touched and how many people loved you. You always were, and always will be, my perfect little angel.  I cannot put into words how much we all miss you.  I know you were tired and deserved a rest … so rest peacefully.  I know that you will be waiting by the Rainbow Bridge.  I can see you now with your coat glistening in the sun and the breeze blowing your mane.  What joy there will be when I hold you in my arms again.  Until then, you are always in my thoughts and have a special place in my heart.  I will always love you Shadow, my perfect little angel.


Our thoughts and prayers are with Diane Troese on the loss of

Sheltie Beatrice Ann, on August 18, 2007.


CH Emprise Behold CD 3/20/96 - 8/18/07





It is with great sadness that Linda Evans and Carol DeMoss report the passing of our very special "Katydid" Sooner's Bug in a Rug at the age of 13. There were no signs of her illness. On June 16th, she woke up, tail wagging, went outside and ran downstairs to be fed. She collapsed in her crate. Two hours later, she was mercifully put to sleep. She had cancer which spread to the lungs and eroded a blood vessel in the lung causing a hemorrhage into the chest.


We have no breed ribbons for Katie, no agility ribbons or obedience ribbons or even a CGC title but our memories are more precious and her impact upon "her clients" was greater than any ribbon. Katie was "Pet Therapy Dog Extraordinaire" before it became popular or required titles. She and Linda helped many people and children at Mercy Pediatric Unit, Health South and PresbySenior care.  Pet Therapy was Katie's purpose in life and she approached it with great seriousness and dedication.


There are many memories from her "job", a few include a:


- dying teenager who requested Katie come to see her before she went home to die.

- 22 year old car accident victim who opened her eyes for the first time in 4 weeks and proceeded to pet Katie.

- severe Alzheimer's victim who never communicated with staff or family but every time Katie was placed on her lap, she would look at Linda and ask Katie's breed, and name and severe Alzheimer's victim who never communicated with staff or family but every time Katie was placed on her lap, she would look at Linda and ask Katie's breed, and name and then sing to Katie the old song---K-K-K Katie, K-K-K Katie, I'll be waiting at the kitchen door…

- her "protection" when Katie was in the bed of a 4 year old who cried when the nurse touched the child and Katie growled at the nurse. Fortunately, the nurse was a dog lover and was touched by Katie's attitude


Good bye, sweet Katie. You impacted many lives, not just ours. We miss you.


Linda and Carol

CH Saranac Yankee Doodle, CGC(Grover)

8-10-1990 to 4-11-2007


It is with a heavy heart that I relate that CH Grover, my first homebred champion peacefully passed into the rainbow bridge this morning. Grover was sired by CH Sesame Chairman of the Board and Saranac Northern Belle (Jamie).Grover, even through his final few days when he stopped eating, was the consummate gentleman. Grover leaves at home his sisters, Kerry and JoNee and his nephews, Trevor and Ryan and his niece, Rachel. Grover was one of the best dogs ever and a very easy keeper. He will be missed.


Therese Poirier


Tonight I said goodbye to my best friend.


CH Kelvington's Hookt Ona Feellin, CD, RN, NJP, OJP, NAP CGC, TDI




Shimano got his championship and retired. He was bored. I got him out of retirement to get his CD (9 years of age).retired from obedience after the CD. I got him back out of retirement to do agility. He loved it. He got his first two titles at 10 1/2 years of age and his last title at 11 1/2. He hurt his neck playing with puppies and had to retire from agility. At 12, he came out of retirement to get his Rally Novice. He was never happier than when we were playing. or working together. We will miss his smile and his joyous expression of life. am sure wherever he is, that he is smiling as he is running yet another agility course.



Elaine and Dave Kelvington


From Maureen of Anistar Shelties

It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you all that we have lost a very special guy here at Anistar. GrandSport died Sunday night, quite suddenly, after collapsing in the back yard. A frantic trip to the Emergency Vet and many calls to Dr. Julie could not save him. I think that the best tribute I can offer to "my guy" is a letter I wrote last year on his tenth birthday:

I cannot believe that GrandSport is ten today ! I had no idea that this prick eared, freckle faced buddy of mine, who was Lindsay's tenth birthday present, would start us down the road in this crazy hobby of showing dogs. It was MY idea to get Lindsay into the 4H dog program and it seems like yesterday that I called 4H Club after 4H Club looking for one who did have a program. And never did I think they'd move on to a REAL training facility and Junior Showmanship. Poor GrandSport didn't sign up for a lot of what his life has been. He sure hated being in the ring - always panicky until he spotted me outside. He taught Lindsay a lot about perseverance, that's for sure ! He didn't sign up for coming home as a seven week old puppy to a grumpy nine year old Sheltie who scolded him when he tried to have fun. He sure didn't ask to be joined by a Collie who pulled him across the yard by his tail for a summer and who poked holes in all his rubber balls. And goodness knows he didn't ask for Annie or Nina or Noah (especially Noah) either. Chris has always tolerated his quirky ways and they have become good buddies, despite the fact that GrandSport doesn't know how to "play" with another dog. He also didn't sign up for "Mom" leaving him for weekends or longer to go to shows, or for smashed paws and a broken leg, and now the coughing that goes with his heart problems..... But it makes me laugh to think how this birthday present for Lindsay became so much MY dog - the one who is at my side every night - the one who seems to be able to read my mind - the one I love so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDSPORT !!

You are missed and loved so very much ! Maureen

Anistar Shetland Sheepdogs


Our thoughts and prayers are with Nancy who lost her sheltie Shelby



By: Kristin Sharer Copyright 2006


 I wish I could have told you,

in words you’d understand,

I wanted you to stay with me.

This wasn't what I planned.


I wish somehow to tell you,

How empty I now feel.

A part of me went with you,

A part that time can't heal.


I wish I had you back again,

to fill this empty space.

But one day we'll be together,

in a far, far better place.



Patented Factor Me In CGC

May 13, 1993 - November 10,2006


Our thoughts and prayers are with Joanna & Larry, on the loss of Shelties Mingo and Courtney. 


Belmars Paladin of Damingo "Mingo"

   May 25, 1993 - April 11, 2006


Alibi's Blue Enchantress, "Courtney"

Sept 20. 1991 - April 24, 2006



Our thoughts and prayers are with Linda Moore who lost Sheltie Buchan’s Scarlet Jewel CDX, Can CD, OA, CGC, TDI “Jewelee”, at fourteen and a half from congestive heart failure on 7/1/06.



A cold chill entered my heart, a few days ago....as I realized that Brett was changing...and his fire for life was gone.  His beautiful eyes followed my every move...and he constantly came over for extra hugs and kisses...I feared that I was losing him, also...  When they put him on the table to try to arrest his dreaded cancer yet again...it was discovered that it was not possible...and there was nothing but pain and misery ahead of him...  I had to say "good bye", to my magnificent friend....and our last moments were special...he was a joy...always... he finished as a puppy...went reserve at the Canadian national, which would have finished his Canadian title...maybe foolishly, I didn't send him back...he took a back seat to his nephew, Brady, in the show ring...  A daughter from his first litter (Ch. Brownlee Carosel) finished young...and in weeks won an award of merit at the national...it was the start of his destiny...he achieved his ROM, a short time after Brady...  It's hard to believe that he is gone...and the familiar places that he graced, in the house are empty...but...never gone from my heart or memory...



Joann L. Avery

Brownlee Shetland Sheepdogs



I lost a very sweet and elegant friend, today...my(Am/Can Ch. Brownlee Bravada ROM)....three time American, one time Canadian National Award of Merit winner...multiple Spec BB (including Three Rivers) and on the Perpetual Trophy at the Colonial SSC, for going BB there...Group One at Ladies Dog Club of Boston (actually the oldest dog club in USA history)...he was not only a pleasure to look at, but a joy to live with...didn't have an aggressive bone in his body...always a gentleman...he's with my husband, Clark...the person he truly loved...and I think, always missed...


Joann L. Avery, Brownlee Shetland Sheepdogs


Remember Our Love


A poem for the loss of "Amy"

 Belaire Pajon Undeniable, 1994 to 2004

 Co-owned by Pat Stapf

 and Gloria Hansen




I was chosen today

I'm learning to fly

the world took me away,

but please don't you cry


And I chose you today

to try and be strong

so please don't you cry

and don't say that I'm gone


When you're feeling alone

just remember our love,

I'm up near the stars

looking down from above.


Remember our love

In a moment you'll see

that I'm still here beside you

when you're thinking of me.


Amy was loved by Pat and John Stapf.  

 Although she had a nickname of being  

   the "Bitch of ALL Bitches", she was a 

    dear sweet girl and will be missed most  

   by John for she was truly his loving  

       and constant couch buddy!




Our Sympathies go out to the

following club members who’s

Shelties recently crossed over

The Rainbow Bridge


Marlana Tice who lost Macey.


APRIL 11, 1995 - SEPTEMBER 11, 2004




Terri Poirier who lost 14 year old

Elmo on September 29, 2004.

CH Saranac Wind Over Dixie




 Our sympathies go out to Cathy Harvey who lost Rica. 


Jill Harmon and Jean Clodwick bid farewell to AM/CAN CH Trinity  Knicknack Patti Wack, CD on August 12, 2004.  "Nikki" was the first homebred Trinity Champion and was nearly 14 years old.  She was a wonderful companion who loved to be trained and shown.  Always a joy to live with, "Nikki" touched all our lives and will be sorely missed.  (Posted 8-30-04)


Belaire's Legacy of Love (Stormy)


 The Great great grand-daughter

of our first Sheltie "Rainy"

A Parting Prayer to our Stormy

Dear Lord, please open your gates and call St. Francis
to come escort our beloved Stormy
across the Rainbow Bridge.

Assign her to a place of honor,
for she has been a faithful friend
and has always done her best to please us.

Bless the hands that send her to you,
for they are doing so in love and compassion,
freeing her from pain and suffering.

Grant us the strength not to dwell on our loss.
Help us remember the details of her life
with the love she has shown us.
And grant us the courage to honor her
by sharing those memories with others.

Let her remember us as well
and let her know that we will always love her.
And when it's our time to pass over into your paradise,
please allow her to accompany those
who will bring us home.

Thank you, Lord,
for the gift of her companionship
and for the time we've had together.

And thank you, Lord,
for granting us the strength
to give her back to you now.

We will never forget you our love....

Pat and John Stapf.

Lizzy My Love

Lizzy was completely gentle, dainty, and every inch a Lady. I so wish other could have known the Love-Bug that I knew, but her shyness prevented that. Given her bashfulness, noise freaking, softness and illnesses, it is even more amazing how beautiful and accomplished she became. She was snatched away so young when we still had so many things to do, so many plans made, and “Miles to go before we Sleep.” She will do her special dancey tiptoe in my heart and through my dreams forever.